Healthcare marketing video best practices

healthcare marketing videos : best practices

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Best practices for your healthcare marketing videos

Healthcare marketing videos, like any other type of video, have certain “golden rules” that should be followed. These best practices ensure that your videos are exceptional and effective. By adhering to these guidelines, you can create videos that are clear, informative, and even a bit entertaining. This will increase your chances of achieving a good return on investment and creating videos that have the impact you desire.


Get to the point fast. And keep it simple.

One important rule is to keep your videos short and simple. In today’s fast-paced digital world, attention spans are shorter than ever. People expect videos to provide the information they need quickly. If a video fails to do so, viewers are likely to close the website or scroll past it. Generally, internet videos should not exceed 5 minutes in length, and many videos, especially those for social media marketing, will be one minute or less. It is crucial to keep your videos concise, informative, and to-the-point, especially in the opening moments.


Tell a riveting story

Another key practice is to tell a story in your healthcare marketing videos. Effective marketing, regardless of the industry, relies on storytelling. Stories engage and captivate audiences, preventing your videos from feeling like dull lectures. Whether you are telling the story of a breast cancer survivor or showcasing how a new telehealth platform improves lives, find a narrative thread that keeps viewers engaged throughout the video.


Educate & share information

Focus on providing useful information and education in your healthcare marketing videos. Even if your goal is to entertain, ensure that viewers gain something valuable from the experience. Healthcare marketers have a unique opportunity to offer educational content that helps viewers better care for their health. To determine what to share, consider the questions and concerns of your target audience, including physicians, nurses, technicians, support staff, or patients. Address these questions and provide solutions proactively.


Create a good script

Writing a good script is essential for effective healthcare videos. A well-crafted script supports the other elements of a successful video. It helps you convey information clearly, tell a compelling story, and keep things simple and concise. Even if you believe you don’t need a script, it can prove invaluable, even for shorter formats like 10-second welcome videos or Instagram Livestreams. Every second counts in a video, and having a well-prepared script ensures you deliver your message effectively.

Content you already have on your website – such as blogs, are a great source of material you can transform to video. Quickly & cheaply.


Mind the tone

The tone of your healthcare marketing videos should strike the right balance. Healthcare is a sensitive topic, so it is important to approach your videos with compassion and care. The ideal tone is clear, positive, and reassuring. Avoid being overly negative, dramatic, or scary. Consider your video as an extension of how your doctors interact with patients in real life – calm, empathetic, and reassuring.


Get the right gear or the service

To produce high-quality healthcare marketing videos that align with your brand standards, it is important to have the right equipment. While you don’t need an expensive Hollywood-style production studio, having basic equipment such as a camera (even a smartphone), a microphone, and lighting will ensure consistent and high-quality footage. Without these essential tools, you may be at the mercy of the ambient lighting or the limitations of your phone’s built-in microphone. Creating a dedicated video kit doesn’t have to be expensive, but it ensures you can produce videos that meet your quality standards.

If arranging gear is a hassle, services like QuickVideoz.com provide AI assisted solutions that use stock images and videos to convey your story. Images are to provide a supporting role – but it’s the content / story you want to convey that’s important.


Use high-quality stock media

Incorporating high-quality stock media can enhance your healthcare videos. You may not rely solely on original footage you’ve shot yourself. Even if you do use original content like patient interviews, complementing it with great-quality stock media helps illustrate your story effectively. Some video editors offer libraries of stock images and footage, which can save you money, time, and potential complications.


Add subtitles and voiceovers

Always remember to add subtitles (even if you have voiceovers) to your healthcare videos. In today’s age of social media, many people watch videos on mobile devices, often with the sound muted. While voiceovers are great to communicate your message, subtitles enable your video to convey the message effectively, even without sound. They also make your video accessible to hearing-impaired individuals, an important consideration for healthcare providers.


Get the right music – the right vibe

Choosing the right music is crucial to the success of your healthcare marketing videos. Music can greatly enhance the impact and emotional resonance of a video, so it’s essential to experiment with different royalty-free soundtracks to find the ones that best complement your content. Some platforms, such as YouTube, offer libraries of included music clips, simplifying the process.


Using motion graphics – doesn’t need to be Pixar quality

Motion graphics can add a dynamic and entertaining element to your healthcare videos. They capture viewers’ attention and help illustrate your message effectively. When selecting a video creator, consider one that provides easy integration of motion graphics, such as animated title cards or moving text and graphics.


Optimizing for each platform

Optimizing your videos for each platform is crucial. Different platforms, such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok, have varying requirements in terms of video length, file types, dimensions, and more. It is essential to research and understand the specifications of each platform to ensure that your videos meet the expectations of users on those platforms.

With these video marketing best practices in mind, the possibilities for healthcare videos are endless. Educating patients and providing valuable information is a shared goal among medical professionals, administrators, and marketers. Video is a powerful medium for achieving this goal as it allows for human connection and relatability. Services like QuickVideoz make video creation intuitive, affordable, and even enjoyable. So, don’t hesitate to start using videos to connect with your physicians and patients today!

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