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Moneyback Trial*

$ 99
For a video
  • Start by creating one 60 second Mixed Media video.
  • 60 Day Moneyback guarantee.
  • If you don't like it, we refund you the money. No questions asked.
  • Access to FREE Video footage, audio tracks & image stock


$ 198
99 Per Video
  • Create a 60 second - 90 second video
  • Create Mixed Media Video, Demo Screencast video, Video Ads, Profile videos,Remote Testimonial video, Video Editing & Post Production work on raw video footage
  • Access to FREE image & Video stock footage
  • Auto-posting of your videos & posts on your social handles by our team


$ 998
99 Per Month
  • Create unlimited 60 second - 120 second videos - one after the other
  • Auto-posting of your videos to your social handles by our team
  • Create Mixed Media Videos, 2D animated videos, Screencast videos, Remote Testimonial videos, Video Editing & Post Production work on raw video footage
  • 10 Visual (Image) based social posts created for your social handles by our team


$ 499
Starts from
  • Create Explainer videos, Product videos, Brand videos, Long form content, Motion Infographics, Whiteboard sketch, 2D & 3D animated videos that need individual attention
  • Dedicated Account Manager & Creative expert hand holding & managing the entire project
  • Access to a paid, commercially copyrighted video & image library

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you have such low pricing?

Our purpose has always been to provide marketing solutions that not only create value, but are also economically viable for the small & medium businesses we serve. Due to tech advances, we are now at a stage where we can significantly reduce pricing for videos without affecting the quality of work.

The main expense is time & human resources. Hence, we try our best to maximize the time put in by our designers & reduce or rather automate several of the tasks involved in the video creation process. Using AI tools along with bulk purchased images & stock video we are able to reduce costs needed to create the video you want.

Customized videos (such as Motion graphics, 2D, cartoony videos) cost more since it requires a lot of time putting up the storyboard & drawing out the characters – for each frame in the video. Similarly, if you commission just one project at a time it costs more. As opposed to the Unlimited model where we are able to negotiate & lock in lower pricing for videos – so you get lower pricing (atleast 30% off) per video you create.

Apart from the savings we pass on to you from our proprietary lean model, we also keep our margins low. We are ourselves a small business and know the importance of every dollar you earn. Unlike a lot of vendors who benefit from the lean model, yet charge fat prices, we made a decision from the beginning to keep fair pricing. A win-win for everyone concerned.



What Does the Unlimited package really mean?

You can request as many revisions and requests at each stage of the production process. Once we finish one video, we’ll move on to the next. The shorter, less complex, fewer revisions, and faster you are at getting back to us – the faster we can complete a video, and the sooner we can move on to the next. We’ll make as many videos as you need until you cancel your subscription. This keeps the pricing for your videos low, making it extremely affordable to create engaging content.


Why Would I Need More Than One Video?

Having a video on your homepage was great in 2011, but we’re now in 2023 where video content is dominating the web and all communications. The need for video in every business is never-ending. And if you’re not making video a big part of your content marketing strategy, your competitors certainly are. Go here to view 22 types of videos your business needs.


How Accurate Are Your Estimate Timeframes? Why Is There Such a Big Range?

It’s important to understand what factors can affect timeframes (and pricing for your videos): 

(1) Length – the longer your video is, the longer every stage of the process will take. 

(2) Style or Complexity – some video styles are more complex than others. 

(3) Revisions – the more revisions you request and the more complex they are, the longer the process will take. 

(4) Responsiveness – the longer you take to review and respond to things, the longer the process can take.


How Do I Know You Won’t Drag Out The Production Process So I End Up Paying More?

Our goal is to be your long-term video partner that you continue using for all your video needs. To drag out our production process so you end up paying more wouldn’t make you a very happy client and cause you to cancel your subscription. It completely goes against our philosophy and business model. We are in this for the long haul, not for short term gains.


What If I Already Have My Own Script Written?

That’s great. Having your own script just means that your video can be completed faster than our estimated timeframes and can move on to your next video sooner – ultimately lowering the cost for you.


Can I Resell Your Videos To My Clients?

Yes, we actually work with many marketing and video production studios who use our unlimited video service for their clients. Our prices for finished videos end up being so affordable that most of the white label partners we work with are able to offer our videos to their clients for 2x to 4x.

Video Style guide

(With examples – So you know what’s what)

Mixed Media Video

Whiteboard Sketch Video

Animated Explainer Video

Screencast Video

Blog-To-Video Conversion

Product Feature Launch

Testimonial video

Brand Profile Video

2D Animated Video

3D Animated + Live Video

CGI Video

3D Animated Product Video