How To Create Testimonial Videos For Your Business

Testimonial ads have been used by businesses since the dawn of the 20th century. Using the validation of influencers (yup, not a new thing!) & existing customers to create credibility & trust in products advertised. Testimonial videos are powerful social proof that significantly influence potential customers’ purchasing decisions. It forms a strong link in the 5 critical videos your business absolutely needs. While written testimonials have been around for some time, creating testimonial videos has recently caught on.

How to create testimonial videos for your business

Image of French Actress, Annabelle – testimonial for Beer (Image source: 0 annabella – schaefer beer ad | Beer ad, Testimonial ads, Beer (pinterest.ca))
Annabella was a French cinema actress who appeared in 46 films between 1927 and 1952, including some Hollywood films during the late 1930s and 1940s.

Summary – 10 Steps To Create Testimonial Videos

A) Create testimonial videos to provide a user’s validation for your product, service or business.
B) These provide reassurance to potential clients about the soundness of their decision to do business with you.
C) The trick to create testimonial videos that are trusted & resonate with your audience is to have an honest (authentic) narrative.
D) Use it to build an emotional connect with your audience & end with a strong call to action.

Table of Contents

A Primer

As you know, you create a testimonial video by having a client tell viewers about their positive experience with your product or service. Note, it can also be a supplier or partner talking about their relationship with you – especially if you are in a B2B segment. Think of Amazon partners recommending AWS to do business with.

Perhaps your prospect has gone through your product video you created (following the steps we mentioned in an earlier post) and is nearly convinced. A testimonial video during that process provides the much needed personal touch to the buying process. Providing reassurance before (and even after) purchase.

You begin by telling an interesting story, starting off with your clients describing problems they faced. That leads to a meaty middle where they discuss why they chose your product/service. Finally, you end with a flourish where they talk about the (great) results and experience they had – even recommending you to your viewers.

Sounds easy doesn’t it. It can be if you follow these best practices to create testimonial videos for your business.

1. Choose the right customers:

Select customers who are genuinely satisfied with your product or service and are willing to share their positive experiences. Look for individuals who can articulate their thoughts well and represent your target audience effectively.

2. Focus on authenticity:

Authenticity is crucial when you create testimonial videos. Encourage your customers to speak genuinely about their experiences, using their own words and emotions. Avoid scripting their testimonials too heavily, as it may come across as insincere or scripted.

3. Showcase a variety of perspectives:

Aim to feature a diverse range of customers in your testimonial videos. This includes individuals from different demographics, industries, or use cases. This diversity allows potential customers to relate to a variety of experiences and increases the credibility of your testimonials.

4. Highlight specific results and benefits:

When you create testimonial videos, encourage your customers to share specific results they have achieved or benefits they have gained from using your product or service. Concrete examples and measurable outcomes help potential customers understand the value your offering can deliver.

5. Keep it concise and focused:

Testimonial videos should be concise to maintain viewer engagement. Request that your customers share their experiences succinctly, focusing on the most impactful aspects. Edit the video to showcase the most compelling moments and keep the overall length between one to two minutes.

6. Use high-quality production:

Invest in good production quality to enhance the credibility of your testimonial videos. Ensure clear audio, proper lighting, and visually appealing shots. A professional-looking video conveys trust and demonstrates that you value your customers’ experiences. Nowadays, shooting a testimonial video, au-naturelle’, also works. We have seen savvy marketers create testimonial videos by shooting them on their smart phones – giving it a very authentic look.

7. Incorporate storytelling elements:

Encourage customers to share their stories and the challenges they faced before using your product or service. Allow them to explain how your offering resolved their problems and improved their lives. Storytelling creates an emotional connection and makes the testimonial more relatable.

8. Include customer visuals:

Whenever possible, include visuals of your customers using your product or experiencing the benefits. This adds authenticity and allows viewers to visualize themselves in similar situations.

9. Add context and credibility:

As you create testimonial videos don’t forget to include brief information about the customer, such as their name, job title, and company. If applicable, feature their logo or branding to further enhance credibility. These details provide context and make the testimonials for your business more credible and relatable.

10. Add a strong call to action (CTA):

At the end of the testimonial video, include a clear and compelling call to action that guides viewers on the next steps they can take. Encourage them to visit your website, sign up for a trial, or contact your sales team. Make it easy for them to take action after watching the testimonial.

In Conclusion

Remember to respect your customers’ privacy and obtain their consent before featuring their testimonials in videos. By following these guidelines, you can create testimonial videos that are authentic, compelling, build trust, showcase the value of your offering, and influence potential customers to make a favorable decision.

So now that you figured out how to create your explainer videos giving a client or a prospect an overview of your business, have you created your brand video yet? And if you have – hope you know how to create your promotional social videos too.

Before you go

We found these interesting examples that might be helpful.

Seller Testimonial – Amazon’s Testimonial Video

This is a very interesting customer testimonial example! Because, instead of producing individual testimonial ads for each one of their clients, Amazon decided to compile these customers’ reviews and create one powerful business testimonial video.

It wouldn’t work with any kind of business, but in this testimonial advertising example, it works very well. In a way, Amazon is a massive service with millions of customers and thousands of sellers that use their platform – and that’s what a compilation video communicates: huge amounts of people, all speaking about how the company improved their lives.

And they do it pretty well!

Global Marketing – Direct Agents’ Video Testimonial

This video testimonial is only one minute long, but there are a few aspects that are worth remarking on because they make it quite effective regardless of its length.

For starters, I liked how the company used text to highlight certain key phrases and bring attention to them. But more than that, did you notice that 30 seconds into this testimonial video there’s a person walking by in the background? This small aspect brings more authenticity to the piece and makes it feel less scripted.


ForeseeHome is a home-based monitoring program from Notal Vision that helps customers to detect and prevent potential vision problems.

This patient testimonial feels very personal. We’re told the patient’s name and also shown into her home to hear her story. The addition of animation helps to add another layer of context to the video, as does the doctor’s perspective.

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